Special Thanks – Le Race 2015

Coffee Culture Le Race 2015 was back on 21st March and what a fantastic day it was. Largest entry since earthquakes, return to the Square and fabulous party atmosphere at the finish line in Akaroa.

Where to begin: Below is an acknowledgement of those who gave up their time, expertise and effort. Their roles are often thankless ones and we really truly appreciate all the work you have all put in and look forward to working with all of you in the future & in 2015…

Barbara Millar

A big thank you for your vast experience you have brought to Le Race for organising the team of marshals & volunteers and supporting me – thank you so much and I hope you have enjoyed the drive in the Skoda as much as I have! You support has been amazing thank you so much

Derrick Nelson

What a great guy - up early getting the course ready. Derrick your stunning safety briefings & traffic management on course & not to mention in the lead up to the event examining every nook & cranny out on course safety wise. Traffic Management like this is a real challenge so thanks to Derrick. We couldn’t run this event without your help.

Guy Steven

Guy stepped in at the start to help me do the deal buying the event with his legal experience then again with setting up the new website and online system and then at the end with the database, ordering numbers and tee shirts – Guy thank you so much for help and expertise was invaluable thank you!

Chloe Marks

You are super woman – even though you sit on the other side of the the Tasman you are always ready and waiting to help me with all that stuff I hate to do!!! Databases and websites - you are 110% reliable - thank you so much Chloe I don’t know if I could have done this with you.

Traffic Management

Grant Pithie and the team for all the traffic management plans and course implementation, this is a vital role ensuring the safety for all participants and spectators on course. Hope the conditions were not too testing for you out there on the Summit at 5am! Job well done! We can’t forget the Green Wave- Bruce Kelly thanks for initiating this.

Verso Design

Megan from Verso - where would we be without her! She is a whizz on design and put ups with last minute requests and changes from us, she so efficient – great to work with you.

St John and all the Medical Folks

A huge thank you guys, your day went from busy to frantic! You handled all the requests and call outs so professionally and that command centre – well it is truly something to be seen! When you rolled in to Akaroa I knew we were in good hands!


John Mackenzie from Enthuse thanks for all your hard work over the build up to the event – you are the social media king – I have learnt now to # everything!!! The media releases are fantastic, you got lots of coverage in the Press and your race updates on Twitter were great – thanks again.


Thanks heaps to Gordon Malcolm and his crew from cycle-photos.com, Gordon has been out on the course with his team of helpers, on motorbikes, up on the hill sides taking photos for all you guys and girls. He has taken some great shots that are now online so check them out…. They make fantastic gifts!

Thanks to Bruce Wilson for flying from Australia – sorry it was little chilly for you!!! Mike Chappell and Ollie Wall for the filming and the photos! Stunning so thanks

Marcus Diprose – Active Timing

Marcus huge thanks – great job well done you delivered as you always do so thanks. You were easy to work with and nothing was a problem, prize giving list was spot on so thanks – look forward to working with you again – huge thanks.

The Performers

A major thank you to the following performers:
Bagpipers who were at the Hill Top, in the early hours of the morning many many thanks – your tunes were heard as the riders rode their way up the hills encouraging them to keep peddling!
Thank you to the Christchurch School of Music Recorder Group who played at The Cup Café - you turn up to all our events and huge thanks especially to head tutor - Neville Forsythe thanks for organising your students once again.
Christchurch Girls High Students – thank you so much and for Nikki Clark for organising the girls.
Lastly to Jack Page – what a truly talented musician you are for only 17 years old – many thanks for entertaining us at the Akaroa Domain.


To all of the drivers out on course; Andrew Jones in my lead car, Murray Steel in the second bunch, Tony Strang in third and four car Murray Carter third bunch car. And we must not forget the tail end Charlie driver Nick Brownlee. What an outstanding job you guys have done for Le Race. These guys are up early following the riders to ensure their absolute safety & guidance – whether it be tail end Charlie, lead car or bunch cars. It’s a long job and a job well done! Thank you for your support and effort.


Dan Harker led the team of “boys in blue” this year, thanks so much for making this event possible. Your presence out on course has made this event safe; not only for the competitors but for the support crews that were out on course as well. Remarkable work it’s really fantastic to have your support on board. Thanks Dan also for the motorbikes on course, this I have no doubt added to the safety of the riders.

Comm’s HQ

Sandi Keenan and new lady on the block – Deb Webb - thanks guys for all the documentation, updates radioing through and co-ordination of the marshals’ on course. Huge & vitally important job, so a very big thank you. You had a pretty busy day but you handled with ease – thank you so much!

Change Stations

Kevin Hunt /Alannah Vickery Jim Smith & Kirill Tikhonov that managed the down hill cattle stops on Summit Rd, the Millers Change Station of Chris Arvidson/Cameron Arvidson & Kerri Taylor and Julia Home the Little River Change Station Manager with team Moray Wilson/Hannah Wilson/Dedrie Johns/Tony Chester & Alex Cook plus the Hill Top Crew Jan & Bill Edens, Liz Hunter, Dean Harvey & Pip Gilmore and the Akaroa School team and finally the Long Bay and Old Coach Road team from Akaroa. These are crucial and vital parts not only for the event but for the competitors. With such great experience on hand organizing this, truly makes this easy… Thanks so much you help out each year and we appreciate it! Special thanks to Jane – you are always there ready with a willing hand for Barb!

Akaroa Community & All Course Residents

To all of the Akaroa residents, on course residents, Akaroa Restaurants & shops thanks for all your patience and co operation for the temporary traffic delays and road closures… This affects a lot of people along the 100km course and we would like show our appreciation to you for this. Thanks guys!!

Destination Akaroa - such a beautiful place to visit & stay especially when it’s sunny and hot!

Hollie - thanks for all your help through the organisation process of Le Race.

Thank you to the Akaroa Area School, Little River School parents and the Ferrymead Bays Football Club for all 75 marshals on course - it’s been a pleasure to work with you all. You all turned up and did you job without any problems, I know the task and the day can be long but you all turned up on time and were well organised and carried out your job professionally – so we thank you, special thanks to Leigh Hickey for coordinating the Hill Top to Akaroa team and Katie Daeche for coordinating the Christchurch to Millers team.

Thank you to the Akaroa Colts Rugby Club for setting up and packing up the finish area. It was speedy and looked great.

The time & effort that you all have given to Le Race is massively recognized… Thank You

Race Pack Packing

St Patricks Primary School – thank you so much – well organised and run that race pack pick up and packing the night before like Military operation – huge thank you to Catherine Parkes who organised you all!

Course Signage

Linwood Rugby Boys – forth time at this job and what a great job you boys do, thanks to Scott Mackenzie for organising the signage – this year you are Richard started at 4.30am erecting all the course signage along the 100km stretch drove to Christchurch after erecting it all and then turned around and took it all done – thanks!


To all the power people that worked shifts at Chain Reaction Cycles for registration on the Friday. These people gave up their time to volunteer for this part of the event. This ticked over like clockwork! Thanks Susan Neumann - each event you turn up and we really do appreciate your support you are really part of the team!

Darryn Giles, Rosie and Craig down at Chain Reaction Cycles, for providing all those bike checks for all the riders, as well as being on course, offering technical support! Brilliant work...

A very special mention to our wonderful MC’s for the day – think we have found our new A team – Bevan and Anna what a formidable team you are! Thanks so much for supporting

Mackley’s Transport, thanks for the delivery of gates to Akaroa and the start line. Fantastic! Richard thank you once again!

Bounce NZ, for all of the set up of sound technical requirements – Allan and Nathan from Bounce you were great to work with and all that extra effort was so appreciated. Ross for the stage, Hirepool & the boys for the erection of the marquees within at Cathedral Square & in Akaroa. We realise that logistically this event can be tricky and you all, were fantastic!

Events team in Akaroa – Reuben, Scott, Sarah and Lucy you all did great job, had the finishline looking great and set up in time no one got too stressed, thank you.

And to my team at the startline – Khalil and Mitch thanks for the early morning start and help – could not have done it with you!

Rowan - Thanks for the construction of the infrastructure, finish line, marquees, hanging signage and lunging gates, marking out the site on the Friday – you are true champion and thanks to Meri and Dani for allowing you to come over and help me

To the Ma and Pa Hollander, Norman and Fitzgibbon Clan: Honestly thank you so much – what an honour to have you guys to help me and I am not even related!

Everyone that has been acknowledged it has been fantastic to work with you all! Every job and meaningless task makes this event into what it is. What a job well done!!

Lastly thanks to all the competitors for your participation within this event, without your support and passion for cycling, it would not take place. A special thanks to all those riders who stopped to help other riders in need, be it a puncture, the passing of some food or bottle or stopping to help with an injury. It’s a selfless task to render assistance in any way.

Thanks heaps