5 to 10 Time Club

We felt it was fitting since Le Race has been going since 1999 to start a recognition club for those of you who have competed year after year. 

Those Legends who have competed over 10 times deserve a special mention so go on and tell us who you are.

To be added to the list or if you tally is incorrect use the form below to let us know.

Name Years
Bruce Salisbury 5th
Shelley Nisbet 5th
Grant Christiansen 6th
Peter De Goldi 6th
Winston Bowler 6th
Rodney Crowe 6th
John McKie 6th
Darcy Ellerm-Norton 6th
Hamish Shreurs 6th
James Early 6th
Marcus Quince 6th
Laura Fairweather 6th
Phil Chester 6th
Tracy Clark 6th
Glenn Ewans 6th
Liam McCarthy 6th
Andre Chappell 6th
Bruce Murray 6th
Raymond Hughes 6th
David Hulston 6th
Pat Rotherham 6th
Peter Umbers 7th
Simon Kraak 7th
Dennis Chatfield 7th
Richard Lyth 7th
Richard Lawson 7th
Haley Mercer 7th
Mark Morris 7th
Nick Grant 7th
Brett Leyden 7th
Neil Aldridge 7th
Bill McSweeney 7th
Janet Reeves 7th
Chris Gordon 7th
Kelvin Pycroft 7th
Kate Boyd 7th
Jonathon Stockwell 7th
Lisa Christiansen 7th
David Smith 7th
Jeremy Inglis 7th
Martin Shepherd 8th
Warren Reedy 8th
Sharlotte Lucas 8th
Charles Brown 8th
Daniel Barry 8th
Warwick Anderson 8th
Grant Jeffreys 8th
Kevin Stobbs 8th
John Griffin 8th
Ben Robertson 8th
Jeremy Walsh 8th
James Mander 8th
Alan Withington 8th
Tony Judd 8th
Lance Drugstrong 8th
Shane Aitken 8th
Julie Timmings 8th
Hugh Reynolds 8th
Geoff Hay 8th
Pieter Bulling 8th
Greg Scott 8th
John Duncan 9th
Yvonne McDonald 9th
Michael Kett 9th
Katherine Fitch 9th
Sam Horgan 9th
Craig McLintock 9th
Brian Richards 9th
Murray Bennett 9th
Richard Hayman 9th
Kevin Whitburn 9th
Brad McFarlane 9th
Min Sarginson 10th
Blair Stuthridge 10th
Malcolm Wieck 10th
Shane Victor 10th
Chris Dawson 10th
Dave Watkins 10th
Paul Cobby 11th
Mark Darvill 11th
Andrew Mitchell 11th
Gary Ferguson 11th
Alex Adams 11th
Ross Turner 12th
Tim Class-Auliff 12th
Paul Odlin 12th
Craig Churchill 12th
Paul McLachlan 12th
Alastair Duff 12th
Nienke Podmore 12th
Richie Burns 12th
Bruce Newton 12th
David Burnett 13th
Scott McDonnell 13th
Jack Shand 14th
Anthony Chapman 14th
Nathan Smith 14th
Meg Christie 14th
Mark McGinley 14th
John Vargo 15th
Neil Sutherland 15th
Simon Yarrell 16th
Jeff Neumann 16th
Cyril Hubbard 16th
John Christie 17th
Kathryn Ward 18th


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Those who have completed Le Race more than 10 times will stand out on the course this year, with gold bibs in recognition of their stellar efforts. Special mention especially to Kathryn Ward, who has cycled Le Race 18 times! Congratulations Kathryn!