Our belief and approach is not all about what we can do to individuals; it’s about what we can do together to enhance your performance and improve your recovery via our unique Prehabilitation techniques.

ACC injury claims related to cycling are significant as shown here on the infographic, which could be reduced with the right approaches.

Preventing injury is the cornerstone of any holistic training programme. For us that commences with understanding your training and goals, gaining a holistic view of your body,  identifying dysfunctional movement (including breathing); all of which allow us to highlight potential opportunities for performance gains whilst pin pointing  the root cause of potential pain, decreased mobility  and  future injury risks.

YES dysfunctional breathing can cause pain, injury and decreased performance.

We seek to work alongside any other party you are engaging to assist you in your training schedule and goals, be that a Personal Trainer, Physio, Chiropractor, Specialist Cycling training, even your Cycle Ergo Fitting Specialist, so you, and all those you have invested trust into, have a full 360 degree view of your needs, safe in the knowledge you are making the most of all that combined knowledge.

Our approach is that unique and fresh that we are 2 of only 10 certified Fascial Stretch Therapists within New Zealand, more importantly, the only 2 available on the South Island. We are the only people in New Zealand to combine Fascial Stretch Therapy™ and RockTape® Functional Movement Techniques together to improve inefficient movement, reduced the risk of injury, whilst improving mobility, sleep quality and ultimately performance.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

FST is pain free! It improves the mobility of your nerves, the flexibility of your muscles & connective tissues (fascia). Fascia is the connective tissue system of the body that penetrates through and wraps around the muscles, nerves, organs and just about everything else in your body.

Other methods focus on isolated muscle stretching which is often uncomfortable or even painful & results are only temporary.

It is completely different to Massage, Yoga or Pilates, yet perfectly compatible with other methods of therapy, training or treatments.

Why Stretch Fascia Vs. Muscles

Fascia surrounds each muscle, connects them to each other and penetrates deep inside them. It also connects muscles to tendons, ligaments to bones to form a body wide, smart functional network. Fascia connects to all of your organs & systems too.

With training, work environment, previous injuries, scaring and modern lifestyle, this smart functional network can become entwined and ‘tight’, causing painful areas, changes in posture etc. The body does not know individual muscles, it knows movement and is very intelligent on how to adapt when another element of its system is not functioning correctly, thus creating dysfunction.  From this dysfunction comes injury, closely followed long painful stints of physio and rehabilitation exercises, or worse, surgery.

By stretching the fascia, we relieve and remove the entwined layers, restoring the tissues back to their natural state, whilst down regulating and re-mapping the nervous system, to allow for their natural state to be retained for a longer period of time.

How will this benefit my Cycling?

As previously mentioned, intense training, work environment, previous injuries and modern lifestyle leaves the body’s systems entwined and tight, restricting mobility, often including the ability to breathe correctly.

By restoring the natural glide within the body’s tissues and overall body balance, it will allow for a greater fluidity within your cycling movements, requiring less energy and effort to lay down the power for those hill climbs; Allowing the oxygen and nutrition to circulate and be absorbed at a faster rate when your body needs it most.

We already work with a number of keen Road and MTB cyclists, after just 3 sessions, all have reported an improved fluidity in their cadence; keeping connection with the seats whilst leaning forward to get that power down; more fluid movement within their hips and most of all an improved ability of getting those deep breaths deep into the lungs.

When the body is getting what it needs during exercise and working more efficiently, the post training days won’t be as painful. 

Best of all the benefits don’t just stop with your cycling, it crosses over to every aspect of your life.

Want to know more on RockTape®?

RockTape® is a movement company who ‘dabble’ in  kinesiology tape engineered with the athlete in mind, however it can also be used to assist in prehab, rehab and injury management for any person.

RockTape® helps enhance performance when applied to specific movement patterns by:

At Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery, in addition to its performance benefits during competition, we use RockTape® as part of our Functional Movement Techniques, to assist with the re-patterning of inefficient movement, re-mapping of neurological inputs of the body’s systems and movements.  When combined with the re-mapping following Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions, it really does provide a powerful movement performance tool.

We are registered stockist and can provide individual taping sessions, to ensure you know how best to apply the tape for its optimal usage, based on your unique needs.

Where is Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery Based?

We are based in Christchurch, just on the fringes of the CBD, currently operating from a discrete home based studio or on a mobile basis.

Available outside of the traditional 9 to 5, across 7 days a week, ensuring a high-end, unique and tailored experience is available when it is truly needed to accompany those gruelling training sessions and help you improve that performance and achieve your goals.

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